My Review on Marvel’s The Punisher (Netflix)

The-Punisher-poster-2My opinion on Punisher: AWESOME!!!

It’s better than Daredevil. Daredevil offered us some impossible-superhero-vs-gangster storyline, in Punisher we watch real people, real man, real madness, real terrorist, real s☆it.

We watch how United States government doing their dirty business, killing peope all over the world, creating horrible scenarios and hurting people, manipulating the constitution, completely messing with our mind. And yeah, it’s not just a frickin movie. It’s real.

It’s filled with gruesome scenes. Man got shot, stabbed, cut, tortured, bombed. But thank God my tummy (and head) is in a lot better shape after Daredevil S1-S2 and Luke Cage (and Deadpool). The fighting scenes are different than Daredevil or Iron Fist. Punisher is a story about soldiers, combats, terorrism, and veterans so no martial artsy here. But in a way, I think the fight choreographs are so much better than, say, Defenders or Luke Cage. Just wince ocasionally when the blood splatters and we’ll be allright.

The story is well orchestrated. You can’t help but falling for Frank Castle. Frank is vicious, brutal, cruel. He kills (bad) people. But he’s actually so sweet, gentle, caring. Girls melt around him–Karen, Sarah, Leo, and Dinah. And I like it how they put Karen Page in this season after Defenders, it’s brilliant to bring them together. I think Jon Bernthal did good job here, so the rest of the cast.

Defenders is a mess, but this one is nice. Nice