Little Miss Felicia

Mr. Darling Husband and I got married on December, 2008. Felicia Latifa S. was born on December 5th, 2010.

I gave birth at Premier Bintaro Hospital. She consumed breastmilk until she was 20 month old, before she started to ‘wean herself’. She’s super-duper active and a very curious kid. She’s a fast learner, she absorbs like a sponge! She’s slim like Mami but quite tall like Daddy.

She has big round eyes, and curly hair. She loves princesses, Barbie, ballerina, and those girly stuffs. She is a melancholic and choleric little girl, like me! She loves spending time at the mall, like me!

She is a cute, adorable, spoiled little girl. We love you so much, Fel. Thank You Allah SWT for our lovely daughter!