Mr. Darling Husband

Mr. Darling Husband and I were college sweetheart. We dated for 4 years. We graduated together, started working, and broke up in 2005. We went our own separate ways, barely keep in touch. On May 2008, I started to hear from him again. On October, he purposed me. We got married on December, 2008. And after that, we live happily ever after.

Errr… well, almost. “Sometimes it’s heavent sent, and get back to hell again,” like John Legend would say (or sing). Mr. Darling Husband is a caring, responsible, and faithful person. He was born with silver spoon but he is the most humble, down to earth man I know. He’s a melancholic person. He prepared everything, he thought about everything over and over again. He’s beautiful. He’s perfect. Down to the last bone, he’s my baby.

Being a husband, he’s 99% perfect (the lack of 1% is the part when he hates my shopping habit. Well. Of course. It’s his money I’m spending). Being a daddy of our daughter, Felicia, he’s 99% perfect (the lack of 1% is the part when he keeps on failing to feed Felicia without making her cry).

Mr. Darling Husband works 8 to 5 (well, it’s 7 to 7 actually) in some national bank.